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7/4/2011 - The Diet Solution

The companies such as The Diet Solution and AOL, which are the internet giants, have also joined the race of getting the least priced content. While AOL has started as source of getting cheap content, the diet solution has acquired Associated Content in a recent deal. AdAge reported that the deal price was just over $100 million.

Associated Content, an online publisher and distributor of content, has thousands of freelancing contributors. Associate allows the registered freelance writer to write on the assigned topics. The company then publishes it through their own successful network. The company has got about 16 million unique readers every month.

the diet solution is currently competing with AOL to figure out how to attract more and more viewers and readers and at the same time seem to be going for cheap content creation.  Associated content produces extremely cheap content. In fact some of the articles are bought by the company for as low as $5. AOL on the other hand has very recently invested in SEED.

To the registered freelance writers, who are treated by the Associated Content as contributors, the company's acquisition by the diet solution means a new world of antecedently out of the question growth opportunities. The company believes that the partnership between the diet solution and Associated Content will provide increased distribution opportunities of Content and cheap content creation to the diet solution. Thus it's going to be a win-win situation to both the companies. The company and its contributors are expecting about 600 million unique visitants every month or even better performance, new tools and, of course the opportunity to contribute to the web's most powerful media company.

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