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26/7/2011 - Zygor Guides

In the world of Zygor Guides there are not many classes that are able to match the damage that the Mage can do. Mages focus in area of effect and burst damage spells. These specific spells are regularly cast from a distance, making the range fighting highly effective. This zygor guides Mage Guide provides a brief look at what a Mage is capable of and why you possibly want to find out more about this class. Mage only protect themselves with cloth armor allowing their range abilities to be very useful. Melees must be avoided. Even though Mages are damage dealers, they must be capable of escaping if they expect to survive. Tremendous injury can be imposed with Presence of Mind and Arcane Power, but these powers diminish armor and health. Several of the Mage's spells are so old that certain enemies do not have a defense against them. Mage areas of expertise are crowd control spells. They are able to conjure up drink and food so group members are able to replenish their health. One major thing this zygor guides Mage Guide brings to your attention is the Mage's capability to open Transport portals, allowing Mages to travel instantly to any position in the game, while taking party members along. How exciting, no more flight paths! Initially, the Mage is badly prepared to handle weaponry, but weapon masters possess the ability to teach her or him on how to use one-handed swords and daggers. Of the three schools of magic; Fire, Arcane and Frost; Frost and Fire are the heavy hitters. These spells can be either single target or area of effect. Arcane spells can cause damage, but they are pure mana and yield several utility spells. Arcane spells permit a Mage to eliminate curses, teleport, perform crowd control, conjure up water and food, save mana for later use, and additional tasks that make it such a preferred class. The zygor guides Mage guide is pleased to report that the Mage class is even more versatile with the release of the Cataclysm expansion. One new spell identified as the Flame Orb is acquired at Level 81. With this spell, a fiery orb shoots out very damaging beams of fire. The Mage is able to cast other spells as it moves on its path. The Flame Orb is not channeled and geared toward individual targets. Players who become skillful in utilizing the spell can significantly increase their value by damaging numerous targets at once. The Mage can use the Curtain of Frost spell at Level 83. This spell causes a field of frost that spans 30 yards which ensnares line crossers and creates damage. It works more effectively against groups than individual enemies, making it a priceless benefit for crowd control on the battlefield. The time Warp spell is gained at Level 85 and provides members of a party or raid a Haste effect that is similar to Bloodlust and Heroism. The food and water conjuring abilities that were previously mentioned also do not materialize until higher levels. Scorch is another damage dealing skill added to the Mage's rotation that supplies a damage bonus to fire spells. The Mages strength are spells and very many of these spells create serious damage. Other spells heal and replenish. The Mage can be a fairly complex character to master because of the wide range of this class's capabilities. As soon as a player is familiar with it, they find the Mage to be one of World of zygor guides most valuable classes. zygor guides Mage Guide presented to players by zygor guides-Shack. com

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